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The MagLev Cobra

Levitating people and moving the world.

The origin of the MagLev-Cobra Project can be traced back to the year 2000. At the 16th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, MAGLEV´2000, Rio de Janeiro, the paper “The Brazilian Project for a Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Train” announced the basic concept of the proposal. Following this initial step, a small scale prototype, in closed loop 30 meters long trajectory, was constructed ( 2002-2004). The full scale prototype, still operating inside the laboratory hangar, was finished in 2011. Three years of intensive work led to an operational prototype, constructed in the University Campus, a 200 meters long line, with the capacity to carry 20 passengers presented on the last day of the 22nd MAGLEV Conference in Rio de Janeiro, in 2014.  Since then, more than 20.000 passengers had the opportunity to travel inside the MagLev-Cobra vehicle.



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