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The MagLev Company Brazil seeks investors to leverage the entry of levitation transportation technology into the market.

Spin Off

Spin Off

We are a new technology company. Working with Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SML).

Client 8

Innovative Ideas

SML is totally different from the other levitation methods. There is potential for market in every city in the world.

Client 2

Smart Management

Our team is building a chain of suppliers and strategic partners to raise the company's value to the top.


Why invest in MagLev Cobra

  • Only company in the American continent to develop this technology;

  • World scenario demanding technological and sustainable solutions;

  • South America lacking in medium-sized modal transport;

  • It is the first and only Brazilian levitation transport company;

  • Huge foreign and domestic market for the transport sector;

  • Low maintenance;

  • Low energy consumption;

  • Zero CO2 emissions;

  • Versatility in the construction of civil infrastructure;

  • Cheaper structures;

  • It has shorter installation time;

  • It is safe.

For more details schedule a meeting at the contact link

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